HipsterJesus / API docs

endpoint: http://hipsterjesus.com/api/
paras = [1 - 99] (default 4)
type = ['hipster-latin', 'hipster-centric'] (default 'hipster-latin')
html = ['false', 'true'] ( default 'true') - strips html from output, replaces p tags with newlines

Sorry for the DOWNTIME! Changes on HipsterIpsum have caused issues. Work is still in progress as of 2017-06-23; My plan is to make this truly an open source project. Until then, I'm busy bringing up a new system, which is almost ready. I'm hopeful that only tests and DNS changes are needed in next few days to finish!

Super special thanks to hipsteripsum.me (hi jason!)

Seth Lilly created a fabulous Hipster Ipsum for Coda (versions 1 and 2!) plugin!
And if Coda isn't quite retro enough to be hip for ya, Daniel Shannon hand-poured a Hipster Ipsum plugin for Sublime Text 2 and 3.

Example via jQuery:
        $.getJSON('http://hipsterjesus.com/api/', function(data) {
            $('#content').html( data.text );
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