HipsterJesus / API docs

endpoint: http://hipsterjesus.com/api/
paras = [1 - 99] (default 4)
type = ['hipster-latin', 'hipster-centric'] (default 'hipster-latin')
html = ['false', 'true'] ( default 'true') - strips html from output, replaces p tags with newlines

Sorry for the DOWNTIME! Changes on HipsterIpsum have caused issues. Work is slowly in progress as of November 27, 2017 due to a medical condition.

Super special thanks to hipsteripsum.me (hi jason!)

Seth Lilly created a fabulous Hipster Ipsum for Coda (versions 1 and 2!) plugin!
And if Coda isn't quite retro enough to be hip for ya, Daniel Shannon hand-poured a Hipster Ipsum plugin for Sublime Text 2 and 3.

Example via jQuery:
        $.getJSON('http://hipsterjesus.com/api/', function(data) {
            $('#content').html( data.text );
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